About US

Gleeson Overseas was incorporated in the year 1985 with a quest to feed superior high quality Tractor Parts into the Indian as well as International markets. From the very begining, the company has been improving on its quality with every passing day and has never looked back again. We only looked forward for betterment, whether in raw materials, Production, packaging, marketing strategies, quality and precision.
Gleeson’s strong presence and reliability enjoyed on Indian and International soils are based not only on a tradition to quality, regular improvement of its products and services but also to the constant endeavor to increase the efficiency of its products and marketing capacity.
The name “Gleeson” has been synonymous with quality and accuracy since its inception in 1995. We are recognized as a world class exporter of Tractor Parts with state of the art manufacturing philosophies, continuous process and product development and the most sophisticated technical support for our esteemed global customers. Design and material composition of our different Tractor Parts has been steadily improved due to increasing demands of load carrying capacity, sliding velocity and resistance to wear. Our superior production and testing facilities are decisive in enabling us to maintain a steady quality of our products. Our customers are always assured of the quality of our materials, production techniques and best performance throughout the process of manufacturing, starting from selection of raw materials to machining to despatching of finished goods.

Since its birth, Gleeson’s major concern has been quality and precision, and every passing year, countless new clients reinforce this urge. Our commercial representatives are always on the lookout for new customers whom we would be proud to mould into our lifelong partners towards increasing business and prosperity. We are proud to confirm that we have fully succeeded in fulfilling the commitments we made on our inception. We are continuously carrying on with our sincerest efforts towards nurturing our position further as time goes by.

Our Policy

Competition has always been a major hinderance for the manufacturers. The past has witnessed an era of major reforms & various liberalizing policies have been chalked out, which has put so many new manufacturers in the field thus obviously creating a stiff competition. Competition has different meaning for different manufacturers. To some, competition means reducing cost to make the product cheaper, no matter whatsoever be the quality. But at GLEESON we understand that the competition plays the key role to make oneself adopt the latest technologies to meet the stringent quality control & expand the production base to decrease the per unit cost. Unique design control formula, product identification, process control, strict inspection & testing system, regular validation of Testing & Measuring instruments & of-course continuous customer feed back has made our products meet the ISO specifications, leading us to place where the competition ends.

Human Values

We at GLEESON do believe that it is soldiers who win the war. No latest technology can work out to be a success without equally skilled technical staff. We are always concerned about the periodical training of the production staff along with the quality control staff to ensure better use of the technology adopted. All necessary steps are taken to meet the workers requirements in lieu of which we win their confidence, moral support & above all their hardcore efforts & dedication which makes us always stand on the winners' side.


Although we leave no stone unturned to adopt all measures to provide our customers with top quality products at competitive price, but still no one can do better without taking into account customers' valuable suggestions, which we have constantly been inviting and keep in mind while adpoting the improvising process. So please feel free to put forward some words of your valuable suggestions, if you have any, to help us fulfill our commitment to serve you still better with the best.


Our range of Tractor Parts and spares include Hydraulic Parts, Hydraulic Lift Cover, Hydraulic Pump, Steering, Front Axle, Rear Axle & Related Parts, Differential Parts, Top Link & Lower Link, Transmission, Gear Box Housing, Centre Housing & Selector Mechanism, Levelling Box, Power Take Off & Hose Pipe, Clutch Parts, Brake Parts, Brake Pedal & Linkage, Bonnet Parts, Engine Parts, Water Pump Assembly, Deluxe Seat Assembly, Air Cleaner & Related Parts, Bi-Metal Bushes & Thurst Washers, Connecting Rod Bushes & Engine Thurst Washers, Fly Wheel Ring, Clutch Plates for all Tractors, Pinion for all Tractors, Spindle for all Tractors, Hydraulic Shaft & Arms, Spider Kit, Rubber Parts, Linkage Parts for All Tractors, Export Quality Tie Rod, Filters for All Tractors, Thrust Bearings etc.

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